About me

Born in native Holland under the sea level, I came to Canada for my first job in 1999, where I initially took Dutch tourists on tours in the Rockies, Yukon and Alaska. After a few years, I felt a bit unsettled living out of a backpack. Figuring I wanted to live in the mountains , I settled down in Canmore in the Canadian Rockies in 2002 where I lived for almost fifteen years. I like nature, adventure, freedom and diversity. Perhaps that’s why I have held a variety of careers in engineering, leadership development, sales and contracting.

In the Rockies I developed a keen interest in nature photography which I pursued for years (my photography website is www.inspirit.ca). In 2016 we (my long term partner Gina and I) moved back from the mountains to sea level and currently live in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island.  Inspired by the wild West Coast and beachcombing, I started making sea glass art and beach-themed art. “. I still do some nature photography for fun. During the quieter times of the year, I work on the house and write a bit in the hope of one day completing a book. That’s me, in a nutshell.