Markets and events

On weekends in Spring and Summer, I used to display and sell my art at the Bastion Square public market in Victoria, BC. I am currently leaning more towards participating in a variety of art events and festivals all over Vancouver Island. I typically post an update on Facebook or Instagram when I attend a specific event. In November and December, my market booth can typically be found at Christmas Craft Fairs such as Strawberry Vale, The Victorian Christmas Craft Fair, The Dickens Fair and Last Chance Christmas Craft Fair.


Custom orders

I make customized and personalized art pieces that can be shipped bubble-wrapped to customers within Canada or to the continental US. If you are interested in a custom-made art piece, please contact me and let me know what size and subject you are interested in. My designs are predominantly nautical subjects (with the exception of hearts, trees, dragonflies, and butterflies). If you are interested in a piece that I have made in the past, please know that I frequently make new art pieces on the same subjects and can send you a picture when one is available.


The following prices are approximate. Exact pricing depends on the frame of choice, seaglass colours used, and amount of detail. 

Whimsical Art
  • Small, 6×8 frame: $50
  • Medium, 9×11 frame: $70

I have some existing whimsical art for sale on Etsy. Please follow this link to visit the Etsy shop.

Medium and Large pieces
  • Medium, 9×11″ frame, $90-110
  • Large, 12×15″ frame, $135-$150
  • Extra Large, approx, 16×20″, $225-$250
  • Vertical Small , approx. 6×12″, $80-$90
  • Vertical Large, 10×22″, $160-$180

*Prices in Canadian Dollars, subject to change

Please note: There is currently a minimum $75 purchase for a custom order for larger pieces and a $50 minimum for small and medium-sized whimsical art. Shipping rates are dependent on current pricing with Canada Post and US Postal Service. Thanks for your understanding.